Frank’s Chronologically-Ordered Website

No really, I have nothing against cows.


I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus for the past couple of years, unless you count tumblr and/or twitter.

This blog’s previous home was at (.com was taken), but it always felt a bit grandiose to pretend that there is this whole organization devoted to Yours Truly. Much better to claim that it’s merely a website, which is what people who don’t know about CCTLDs think ws stands for.

The other problem is that I always have to spell it for people. I imagine I might have the same problem with this site, but at least it’s fewer letters to enumerate.

Prior to that I had a Blogspot blog called FCOWS, whose name I lifted from Mister Crunchy’s frequent use of the term “chronologically-ordered website”. I’ve now recycled it into the shortest possible domain name that’s still relatively cheap.

At some point I intend to import some of my previous posts here, but in the meantime I can give people my new email address and they won’t see some “coming soon” page when they stalk me.