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No really, I have nothing against cows.

About Me

I was born in 1975 in Washington State as the second child of two German doctors, who waited all of two weeks before moving the family back to a village outside Nürnberg, where I spent the next two years learning rudimentary German Language and walking skills.

We returned to the States and settled in one of the nicer parts of Everett, Washington, where I lived until I left for college in 1993. After college I spent another year trying to learn to like living in Southern California, but ultimately conceded defeat and returned to the Northwest to put down roots in my current hometown of Bellingham.

I have been interested in engineering and technology for as long as I can remember. In grade school I was writing BASIC programs and taking apart gadgets, and in high school tried to teach myself electronics with limited success. In college I studied engineering, with a focus on computers and microprocessor-based systems. After earning my degree I took a job writing embedded software for (among other things) electric car fast-charging equipment. I moved on to studying vehicle design in a post-bacc program, during which I fell in with a bunch of very cool computer nerds, ultimately landing a job programming web applications in PHP.

After spending far too long in that fever swamp I picked up enough iOS development knowledge to make myself employable, and have since honed my skills to the point where I often find that I actually know what I’m doing.

In my spare time I try and stay ahead of the never-ending list of chores brought about by my compulsion to live in a really old (by West Coast North American standards) house and to start far more projects than I could ever hope to finish. Among them are a 1969 Volkswagen Fastback that I plan to convert to electric propulsion, and the second incarnation of the weight-sensing motorized skateboard I exhibited at the Bay Area Maker Faire in 2007.

I also spend a couple hours a week with the awesome folks at Jogo Crossfit which so far has been holding the worst effects of being a late-30s desk jockey at bay.